Thursday, April 22, 2010

St Thomas to Antigua

Arriving in St Thomas, rough morning crossing from Isla de Culebrita to Charlotte Amalie St Thomas. Nothing like having to radio an inbound cruise ship on the same trajectory to confirm intentions!!! The Caribbean Princess was very good about it! :-)

Soper's Hole Tortola BVI. Very busy St Thomas and BVIs. Mast heaven in this little hole! Charter boat haven. Loving the more remote islands of the Caribbean.
In St Eustatia now, leaving for St Kitts/Nevis then Antigua next two days...68 nautical miles at 4 kts/ml.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Puerto Rico

Welcome everyone!

Trying this blog one more time but seriously, find facebook the fastest way to upload pics. hopefully this works and if not, you'll have to check us out on FB.

So here's the scoop. On our adventure from Midland ON Cda (Bayport Marina) in our Tanzer 26 ft sailboat "Annie II", we had to leave the s/v in Puerto Rico while we had the house in St Lucia built. We had an unfortunate adventure at sea and lost our mast. We're in search of a new one en route and also in search of a 38 to 42 ft Catamaran of which we'll use to provide charters along with our villa rental in St Lucia.

At any rate, we're en route now with Alana on board as crew. She's loving the sailing life and is off to the beach today. We're visiting one of our boater friends "Starship" who arrived here in Culebra this morning. It's a whole family of boaters out here at sea!

So Alana and I flew into San Juan PR on the 31st of March and spent a couple nights there then on to Salinas to get the boat ready for departure. That was chore but thankfully, all mechanical and electrical systems were sound. We left Salinas a week later after Ken had a chance to test all the systems and prep for the departure.

We moved twice on the south coast and then spent 3 nights awaiting weather break in Puerto Patillas. Nice little town. The Puerto Ricans are so friendly and fun; we're loving it here and the food and beverages are very reasonable too!

We left 3 days ago for Vieques (vee-aye-cas), an island off the coast of PR (Spanish Virgins) and spent two nights crossing around the island and visited what they claim to be the second most beautiful beaches in the world. Okay, there were some really nice ones but gotta admit, the Bahama beaches are some of the nicest we've seen and there are also some really great ones in Florida too. But hey, Red Beach Vieques was spectacular.

We crossed to the next Spanish Virgin Island, Culebra (cool-ee-bra) yesterday and it was a bit wavy and a bumby ride. We've experienced worse so it was okay.

So next we're off to the USVIs, BVIs and then from Virgin Gorda to Angilla or St Martin direct. From there we head south to St Lucia. Good weather break for the next week so should make good time and may not have much internet opportunity.